A New Venture

Hi friends!

I love being a stay at home mom. But when my youngest started school I realized, the house was too quiet, and I needed something more to do than just clean it.

I’ve always loved decorating, and refinishing furniture.

Crafting and flea-market finds thrill me, and I love creating beautiful spaces. So I began an Instagram feed dedicated to decor.

One day, a good friend asked if I’d help her paint a mirror. When I got to her home, I noticed her gorgeous hutch tucked away in a corner. I asked if she’d ever thought of moving it and she was open to the idea, so we hauled everything out of it, and moved it underneath the  mirror. Suddenly, her mirror matched the hutch and she no longer wanted to paint it.

We walked around her home and found an old cheap side table that she said she was going to get rid of. Since I already had the paint with me, I suggested we paint it, just for fun. That little table transformed into a cute little piece, and we put it in her entry way, with some fun candlesticks.

This little experience got me thinking. What if I could help people with their home decorating and furniture design?

Could I be a decorator?

That thought began this new venture! I want to be a decorator! 

I don’t think it will happen overnight, but everyone’s got to start somewhere! 

I’m a wife, a mother of five, a runner, a musician, a crafter, LDS,  and I’m addicted to decorating, furniture restoration, and design! I love taking the old, and unwanted and turning it into something amazing. I don’t look at things as how they are, but how they could be, and I plan to use this blog to document my adventures in design!

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