Farmhouse Clock Redo

The other day, my sweet friend K asked if I thought we could change her clock. 

This is the clock before. I think you can still get it for $50 at Hobby Lobby. 


When I got there Kelly had removed all the numbers. Turns out that it was just paper glued onto the wood, which was already painted black. 

We saved the papers, and cut out the numbers. I used them as my template for the new black numbers. 

I used my own Chalk paint mixture of Sherwin Williams White paint to cover the wood. Once is was dry, I did some light distressing with sandpaper. 

Next I traced the numbers onto the painted wood and hand painted them in with Sherwin Williams’ “Peppercorn” paint. You could easily make vinyl numbers with a cricut or Silhouette Machine to make this project go a little faster. I sat and painted away during the Cubs/Dodgers game! 

I used an eraser to remove the pencil marks left from tracing, and then painted the clock hands using the same paint as the numbers.


I’m so in love with how it turned out!! The clock components work, and it looks amazing on her wall. 

Now I’m on the hunt for another clock so I can have one for myself! 

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