Farmhouse Wall Grouping

I’ve been so lucky to not only get to decorate, but hang out with some pretty amazing women at the same time! 

My amazing friend L asked me to help her with a wall grouping. 

It can be tough when you’re hanging lots of things on a wall. Sometimes you just need another eye to help hold things up for you and get it all balanced! 

I was thrilled to help! 

These are the items:

And she wanted to hang them on this wall:

I was in love with the cute green pots that were her grandmothers! 

First we played with the grouping. L had some amazing pieces, but I felt like it was still missing something. 

I’ve been loving all the baskets I’ve seen hung on walls, so I found a cheap one and she loved it! 

I also made this stick wreath:

I suggested that she raise the chandelier a bit for better viewing. The chandelier was gorgeous, but it was blocking off the views of the room at it’s lower location. 

The next day we put everything on the wall and I love how it turned out!! 

Thanks L for letting me play!! It was such a fun project!! 

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