Christmas Tree Box DIY

We bought an artificial tree this year, and after 2 agonizing hours trying to decide between 2 different kinds of trees (lots of phone calls to my hubby and sister) I went with a flocked tree! 

I love it so much… but that gap under the tree was making me crazy!! 

I tried my hardest to make the base fit into this crate, but it was 2″ too small. 

So I decided to build me a box. Or a faux one at least! 

After studying the construction of the current crate, I went to Lowes and chose 3 cedar picket fence boards that were 8’x5″, some galvanized nails, and a 1.5″X11.5″ smaller piece of wood for the shim. (Not sure “shim” is the right word here because the store helper looked at me funny when I said it… you know, the piece you nail stuff too!) 

I cut 2 of the planks into 6 20″ pieces for the sides. And the last plank I cut into 3, 22″ pieces. 

I nailed the pieces into two shims which was trickier than I thought since I had to use a step stool to balance it out while I was hammering. 

I only made three sides to the box so I could just slide it under the tree. It’s tall enough that you don’t see the back at all! 

Then I sanded off all the rough edges which took a while since cedar is such a hard wood.

It slid right under my tree and I’m so thrilled with how it looks!! 

I generally paint everything white, but the natural is really pretty too… So I need advice. Should I paint it white, or leave it? 

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