5th Grade “Made By Kids” Bazaar Project 

I always feel blindsided when my oldest tells me about the school project he’s been assigned. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the teachers don’t send me the details, or any kind of explanation about what is required for the project… (oh, I could go on all day…)
So…. one day my son comes home telling me he has to present two options of homemade, non-food things he could sell at a Bazaar.  We began scouring Pinterest.
In the end we presented Christmas signs and dog biscuits. Apparently the teacher got the final call on what he could make. He was really hoping the biscuits would get approved, and was so disappointed when the teacher picked the signs. He just didn’t think Christmas signs were cool, and he was worried that no one would buy them. He even said he felt pressured into choosing the sign option, when he wanted something else! 
I felt terrible. Suddenly the pressure was on to be amazing.

 I found the wood at a local construction job site’s junk wood pile! They were happy to let me take it.

We found the free printables online and had them printed onto 5×7 photo paper at Costco. 

My son got really excited when I said he could use the power tools.
We cut the boards into 9″ lengths, sanded them, and painted them using craft paint. 

Then we used Modge Podge to glue the prints on the painted boards. We made 20 boards, and they looked great! 


But my son was still nervous! We both had visions of him standing around all night at the Bazaar with kids teasing him, and then having him go home with all of the boards.

Finally the day of the Bazaar arrived! His asking price was $5 each, and he sold out within 30 minutes!! I was beyond relieved! 

People loved them! And he was thrilled! Yay! 

The whole project cost only $13 for the prints since I had all the other supplies. 

What do you think? 

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