Yard Sale Chair Redo

Every once in a while I hit a yard sale where the owners are just trying to get rid of their stuff, and could care less how much the item sales for! I actually have dreams about these sales! (Weird, I know.) A few years ago I found once such sale in Phoenix. The owner was selling two of these chairs for $4 and I was thrilled!! 

One chair was this natural wood color, and the other was a dark purple. I was so excited to refinish them that I forgot to take the before pic of the purple one, but trust me when I say it was pretty bad! 

First I sanded as much wood as I could. I did not sand the seat as wicker obviously doesn’t sand. 

Next I used Kiltz spray primer and covered everything! Once it was dry, I used 220 grit sand paper and smoothed the grit that primer often leaves. 

Then I did two coats of Krylon’s Paint Plus Primer in White. 

When it was dry, I heavily spot sanded some areas to distress it. 

I love how they turned out! They  are some of my favorite decorating pieces to use and add flair to a corner! 

Total cost: $10 for two chairs! 

Your turn: What is the best yard sale deal you’ve ever scored? 

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