Old Cabinet Door Joy Sign DIY

I found some old cabinet doors for sale for $3 on a FB page.  But when I got there, the seller said she was sold out of the $3 size and only had the $15 sizes left. I felt stuck, because I had already picked out two doors I wanted, thinking they were $3 each. I didn’t want to be rude, so I told her they were just out of my price point, and she ended up giving me both doors for $20. I left so irritated for paying that much… 

A few weeks later, I saw 10 cabinet doors on a curb for the trash and the idea of solid wood doors rotting in a landfill somewhere just killed me! There are so many ways to reuse them! So I decided to “do my part to save the environment!” I pulled over. 

Not wanting to be a total trash picker I knocked on their door and asked if I could take them. (In hindsight I probably won’t do that again, since knocking on stranger’s doors could be problematic… and dangerous.) 

Anyway, they were happy to let me take them! 

The new/old cabinet doors had a curve in them that I didn’t love. I also don’t have a lot of storage space for 10 doors… so I gave 2 doors to a friend and sold the other 8 for $20. Now my first two cabinet door mistake purchases ended up being totally free!

Here is what I did with one of the doors:

First, I filled in the knob holes and sanded it down.

Then I painted it grey. 

Can I stop for a minute and tell you how much I love Sherwin William’s Peppercorn paint color? I’d love to do a kitchen island this color with white marble countertops, while the rest of the cupboards are white! Sigh… someday! 

Ok… next, I spot waxed over the dry grey paint, then painted the door SW Westhighland White. When it was dry I used the scraper to distress it. The grey really came through for a nice crackle look! 

Next, I printed and cut out some letters for my template. 

After tracing the letters I began painting! 

My 5 year old snapped this pic when I wasn’t aware!
I’m not going to lie, I don’t love lettering! It kind of makes my OCD bells clang… Glad I didn’t listen to the voices in my head telling me to keep the other doors and paint lots of signs! 

Here is the finished cabinet door:

2 thoughts on “Old Cabinet Door Joy Sign DIY

  1. I love this classy sign. And after seeing this post I think I could actually do this! I’m so glad you mentioned the using gray for the undercoat. I’ve used black before and when I put white over it it tends to look a bit blue. I’m definitely going to try Peppercorn grey next time.

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