Little Successes

I’d like to show some beautiful restoration project today, or share a perfectly staged photo of my clean home…

But the truth is, my house is a disaster, I have dirty dishes in the sink, and a thousand legos covering my table.

But today was full of a few little successes that make the mess all worth it.

1. I cooked a delicious meal from scratch that my husband and kids actually ate! If you know how poorly I cook, you’ll know this was no small feat!

2. I got to speak with an amazing designer who gave me so much to think about in regards to Interior Design.

3. I played Legos, and cuddled with my kids while giggling over a silly TV show.

4. My husband and I found time to connect and laugh together during the 40 minutes that our schedules aligned.

I’d love to say that I’ve got life figured out and my home is perfection… but truth is, I don’t. My home is lived in, not an art museum. Tomorrow I’ll try to clean up today’s messes and tackle a DIY project or two… but today, I’m grateful for these few little successes.


4 thoughts on “Little Successes

  1. Your post gives a great reminder that our wonderful dwellings are for the people we love and share our lives with and all the clutter and messiness that goes along with them! Love this!


  2. What a sweet post Jodi. You’ve got what’s most important figured out for sure. Love you . And love your talent.


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