The Blue Chairs

I have to admit I was a little worried when my friend, D, asked if we could makeover the chairs she found at a yard-sale. Let’s be honest… we were all worried! 

Everyone who saw the pic of these had a knee-jerk reaction! They looked terrible!! And they smelled horrific! 

But D had vision! 

I seriously can’t tell you how bad they smelled! Like old people and smoke and cats! I was nauseous for an entire day after we began stripping  off that nasty yellow fabric! 

I love the difference that paint and primer had on the chairs!! 

D picked out some fabric and padding, we borrowed her dad’s finicky nail gun and went to town reconstructing the cushions. Here are some pics through of the transformation theough the project. 

The nail gun slipped a few times and hit the wood! I felt sick about it! 

But D used some wood filler and paint, and now you can’t even tell!

We split up the sewing projects and D created the cushions while I made some piping cord.

We used Magna Tac to glue on the cord.

 And finally, after 3 months, the blue chairs are done!! 

I am so pleased with how they came out! 

The fun part:  Total cost of the project was about $140, and it took us about 17 total hours of working together. I’ve done pricing on these chairs new, and they run anywhere from $600-$800 each! 

This project made me look at upholstered furniture differently, and I don’t think I’ll be doing another anytime soon… but I loved getting to giggle, theorize and commiserate with D while we worked on this transformation! 

What do you think? 

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