Sugar Mold Decor – IKEA Hack

Don’t you love IKEA’s greenery?  The little plants are fairly inexpensive, look surprisingly real, and add a happy pop of color to any space! I love decorating with them! 

Today I’m sharing how I used IKEA greenery to decorate a sugar mold! 

I found this sugar mold in Canton for $12 and loved that it was painted blue! 

I’ve seen people put flowers, crayons, moss and even plastic utensils in their sugar molds.

For my project I took one of my favorite $3.99 IKEA plants and cut off the base.

Then I realized I didn’t need to cut the base off, and could just pull off the little clusters! Haha! Sometimes I overthink things!! 

I clumped together about 8-9 clusters.

Then I placed the clusters into IKEA’s votive candle holders. You can get 4 votive holders for $.99! 

Then I placed them into the sugar mold!

The holes in my sugar mold were drilled with a flat base, but if your sugar mold has a cone shaped holes, you could just put some sand or pebbles in the cones to hold the glass level. 

The entire project including the sugar mold was about $18. 

I’ve placed it here under my wall-mounted TV.  But I’ve also enjoyed it on the kitchen table and my bedroom dresser! It adds fun, fresh color to every room, and the best part is that since it’s fake, I don’t have to worry about killing it! 

4 thoughts on “Sugar Mold Decor – IKEA Hack

  1. “And the best part is it’s fake and I don’t have to worry about killing it.”
    You’re so fun!
    I just looked up at my TV area and thought “dang, that would look great there!” Haha. Too bad the closest IKEA is over 3 hours away!
    Thanks for sharing your talents.

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