Pillows make a difference!

I’ve been trying to update my piano room/living room lately. It’s a slow work in progress but I wanted to share how I updated the pillows on the sofa.

We’ve had these couches for 15 years, and they’ve held up well, but I’ve never thought they were comfortable enough. Changing the pillows was my last resort before I tossed them out. 


I’m wondering if all the little throw pillows were preventing us from using the couch. Also, it just wasn’t comfortable! The back cushions smash down, and you’re constantly having to adjust when you sit there. Really, I was ready to sell the couches. 

But first I tried this:

All of these pillows are from Target.

But my hubby didn’t like the big white pillows. I argued that we needed white on the couch… because… well,  you know how I feel about white… 

So we tried this:

We kept just the large blue striped pillows and used IKEA pillow covers to recover the old  sea-foam green pillows! 


Hightening the back pillows, made the couch more comfortable! 

Suddenly this space is getting used, and I keep finding my kids gravitating to this spot…  This is also where I’m  currently sitting and writing this post.  Pillows really do make a difference! 

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