Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

My front door burlap wreath turned yellow! Not sure how it happened, because it didn’t sun fade into a nice taupe, it went all harvest gold on me!
So it was time for a new wreath! 

Laura Anne’s is a vintage boutique in Canton, TX that has stolen my heart. If I could live there I would! Last year I fell in love with this ribbon that she sells for $24/roll. 

The thrifty girl in me, decided to wait and try to find it somewhere else. 

I never did.  It’s manufactured by d. stevens and they only sell to wholesalers. 

So I waited and dreamed about it… and imagine my excitement when it went on sale for $12?! 

Some of you were there with me when I did my little happy dance!! 

After a few months of trying to decide what to do with the ribbon, I settled on a wreath. 

I love how vintage, shabby and old it looks!! 

Here’s how I made this simple wreath:


1. Wired form wreath. (I used an 18″ form, but any size will work!) 

2. Ribbon

3. Any embellishments you want to add! 

My ribbon was 4″ wide and 15′ long. You’ll want at least that amount depending how full you want the wreath to look. 

You can play around with wired vs. non-wired ribbon to get different looks. Mine was wired and it helped make the poofs stand out and stay out. 

Start by unrolling all the ribbon. 

Find the middle of the ribbon and start weaving it through the form wires.

Pull it all the way through to the middle of the ribbon. It’s easier if you work through the wreath in halves to minimize wear and tear on the ribbon.

Leaving the ribbon loose or pulled out in sections allows you to create a little poof. Lots of poofs next to each other creates the look we’re going for. 

Continue weaving back and forth through the wires creating lots of poofs, and work your way through the wreath form. 

This is where you can be creative and make your poofs as big or small as you want. Occasionally pull the weaved ribbon closer together to decide how full or sparse you want it to be. 

If you run out of ribbon (like I did) you can either add more, or go back and make your poofs smaller weaving and adjusting the ribbon through the form.

When you come to the end of the ribbon, tuck the end into one of the poofs. 

Now you can go through and adjust averything to make sure the wire form isn’t showing. 

Next you can add embellishments

I found a wooden letter at a flea market and used some burlap ribbon to hang it from the wire form. Easy! 

Seriously, anyone can make one of these! It’s so easy and can be made with ribbon, burlap strips or any old vintage fabric! You can dress it up with flowers greenery, bows or whatever your creative self wanted! 

I’m leaving mine simple like this for now to show off my new favorite ribbon.

Let me know if you try it and if this tutorial helps! 

2 thoughts on “Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

    1. Awe! Thanks!! I’m a little envious of you being so close to China! Can’t you get amazing deals on things like ribbon?!! You never have to have the ridiculous internal debate over purchasing $24 ribbon, because it costs pennies over there, right? 😘


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