To Fix or Not To Fix

A few months ago one of my large mirrors fell down & the frame split at the seams. Luckily the mirror didn’t break, but the frame itself was loose and broken. 

My DIY mind went to work!

I thought some simple brackets would hold it together, and after spending a ridiculous amount of time at Home Depot trying to locate them… sigh… I stuck them on with screws. 

And to my sorrow… it didn’t work. The crack was still there.

 DIY fail.

It was time to make a choice: say goodbye to my mirror, or call in the pros. 

Isn’t that the question we all face when a piece of furniture isn’t working for us anymore? Do we get rid of it, or refinish it? 

Since the mirror was a hand-me-down, my first thought was, forget it… get rid of it… reduce the clutter… let it go! 

But then I started thinking about where else I might be able to use it. I’ve been working on redecorating my living room… it would go perfectly there… a new mirror that big costs a lot of money… and finally, it still “sparks joy” and makes me happy.

I called in the pros.

The mirror was relatively inexpensive to fix, and they reinforced the wire, added a new backing, and it looks brand new. 

I was so excited! 

I have a new love for this mirror! It looks fabulous on the living room wall, and I can’t believe I almost put it out with the trash! 

So often we agonize over getting rid of a piece of furniture or fixing it. Our reasons are many… but in the end, that piece just isn’t making us happy in its current state. 

My advice is:  Do something about it! 

We’ve got too much drama in our lives to let a DIY “to do list” drag us down! I walked by my broken mirror for 6 months feeling the weight and burden of “to fix or not to fix”. And it’s not a good feeling folks! 

Calling the pros is not a personal failure! If you’re worried about the cost, save a little bit every week until you’ve got enough! But don’t let it weigh you down. If it’s not making you happy, do something about it, and do it now! Instead of saying, “I’ll get to it someday”, make your plan today! It could be as simple as, “I’m saving $10/week for a new one.” Or, “If I don’t start that project by June 21st I’ll move on.” Or, “I’m going to have Lybbert Design refinish that for me!” (Shameful plug… I’m sorry!!)

 Sometimes you just have to let it go… especially if it’s too broken… or you just hate it…

But don’t loose sight of your original vision… and don’t let it just sit there dragging you down! 

Having a professional fix my mirror cost less than buying a new mirror, and I was amazed at how much more I loved that mirror when it was restored to perfection! 

Bottom line: Don’t let the agony of “to fix it, or not to fix it” weigh you down any longer! 

Make a plan…. Get it done… Call a pro… Or let it go! 

2 thoughts on “To Fix or Not To Fix

  1. It looks great where you placed it. You have a good eye. Some day when we move permanently home to the U.S. you’ll have to come help me put back together my home.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Are you kidding? I’d love it!! I have a friend who lived over there and she started framing lots of her items because it was so inexpensive to do it there! Have you seen that too?


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