Just an old door! 

Hey friends! 

Love me a good project Saturday! Wanted to share some fun projects that I worked on while listening to some pretty incredible conference talks!! 

My awesome friend went with me to Canton’s First Monday Trade Days yesterday! She bought a killer longhorn skull with horns, and I got this door! 

I’m always concerned about lead-based paint when buying old doors. So I did a little research and apparently, if you cover it with a clear coat, it will all be sealed in.

Stuck it here with a wreath… but didn’t love it…

Then I remembered I had a graphic just waiting to be used and my DIY wheels started turning. 

Since both sides of the door look pretty good, I decided to get funky with one side. Then when I get bored with it, I can flip it around for a different look! 

I did a little safe prep work, installed the graphic, and then used Benjamin Moore’s “Stays Clear” Acrylic Poly. I absolutely love this product! 

And here’s the final on the door: 

Pretty cool for just an old door!! 

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