Another Humble Chair Story

When a piece of furniture finds it’s way to me, I often don’t know much about it other than someone didn’t want it anymore. 

As I delve into the restoration I’m always trying to learn it’s history. A ding here or a knick there… extra rubbing in one spot… a crack down the middle… layers of paint or fabric… all clues to the history of the piece. 

But I generally don’t learn much beyond an idea of the date and that someone thought it wasn’t worth saving.

But I love getting to be a part of the item’s future story! 

This little French Fiddleback Chair wasn’t selling until I tried this graphic:

I loved it so much and secretly didn’t want to sell it.  Makes me want to put graphics on everything! 

A sweet lady purchased it for her daughter’s apartment! She was so excited because she had found a table to match! I loved watching her joy in purchasing something for her daughter. 

This Carver’s Chair also sold to another mother/daughter duo. The daughter was a sweet lady who was moving her mother into her home. She had been looking for a sturdy chair for her mother who was partially paralyzed and in a wheelchair. It just melted my heart when she told me how excited her mother was at seeing the chair. She told me that she had been to several furniture stores, but couldn’t ever find something sturdy enough.

I just love that a chair built in the 1930’s, went through 4 different refinish projects, found its way to me, and eventually to this sweet client! 

Both chairs are on their way to a new home to be loved, and I’m so grateful to get to be a tiny part of their “Humble” story.  

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