Mo’s Kitchen – Part 3 – Decor

Mo had been using her alcoves to store decorations that she didn’t know what to do with. We found a treasure trove of goodies up there! I found this antique mercury thermometer: 

And this chicken wire frame:

As well as several old signs she had made! I stole one for myself! 

I also found some incredible platters, a blue pitcher, some spindles, and this chicken:

One of my favorite things to do with decor is to use or transform items that clients already own. I love giving new life to old things, and it saves lots of money if we can use what is already there!

So the platter, a sign, the spindles and thermometer went on the shelf (along with a strict mercury health-risk warning in case it were to ever break.) 

Since it’s July, I thought Mo’s old handmade sign was the perfect patriotic addition! 
The chicken wire frame got a fresh coat of paint and was hung here: 

Our mom gave Mo the boxwood wreath! I was a little jealous, but love seeing it there!Mo’s knife block was cute, but the green didn’t match. We used spray paint to give it a facelift. 

My son named the chicken Fred. And since we all agreed that chicken Fred didn’t look good in red, I painted him too! 

If they ever get tired of Fred’s watchful protection over the kitchen, they can try the freshly painted pitcher on the table instead! 

We also hung this wire platter on the wall! 

A few more fun facts:

-Mo’s incredible husband built the farmhouse table for her last year. 
-Mo found the high chair at a yard sale and painted it in all its chippy glory! She’s got some serious skills! 

-All of the decor you see here (except for the IKEA plants) was either a gift, thrifted or found at a yard sale! 

-The cost of the entire transformation was only the price of the paint! Everything else was already there just waiting for new life! 

Mo jokes that she has no style, but I disagree! She had it all under her fingertips and just needed someone to come in and put it in the right spots! I’m seriously so lucky that I got to be that someone! 

4 thoughts on “Mo’s Kitchen – Part 3 – Decor

  1. I love your thriftiness! I do that a lot, move things around and gives it a whole new look. Just thinking about all those farm things on my cabinet shelves….hmmm repurpose or donate😊

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  2. It’s amazing all that you did in such a condensed amount of time! Not only that! Loved that we were able to use my treasures! I had NO idea how to use them! It took you with your amazazing vision to show me! Now I can enjoy my decor feel like they fit ME and my family!!! I love you!!!

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