Is it too much? 

I’ve been enjoying my little hobby business. I love watching the equity in my company grow. The profits are minimal, but growing nonetheless, and I love being busy during the day. Furthermore, the projects I’m working on are challenging and exciting and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I finish something.

I’ve been running this little business now for 10 months, and it’s just barely starting to get noticed. I actually have clients calling me for consultations and, my little dreams are coming true!
But now that school is out, my kids are home every day. And everything is changing. I’ve never wanted this business to interfere with my family life or take away from them at all.
But looking forward at the business opportunities that I have, the clients that I could take, and the projects I could do, I’m realizing how quickly this could turn into a full-time job. What’s more, a full time job that doesn’t pay very well! We’re not going to retire on painted furniture! Haha!

So when is it too much? How can I still maintain a teeny tiny business and be a stay at home mom at the same time?

The other growing pain I’m having is that I really need my own shop. I’m currently painting in our tiny study, and doing projects in the garage. Since neither of us want to park on the driveway, I have to set up and take down my projects the same day. That’s wasting a lot of time! You should see me pulling furniture around the house on towels!
And the final challenge I face is the weather. With temperatures hitting the 100’s and high humidity percentages, the weather is no good for painting, especially spray painting.
Someone one said, “Let your challenges be external, not internal.” I have to remind myself of that every time I think these challenges are some kind of sign. They are not!

I know I’ve been lead in the right direction. I know I will find the answers I need!
So I’ve decided to take a break through summer. I’m booking clients in September. I’m going to work on these business struggles, and enjoy my children!

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