Well, I’ve officially banned the use of Kool-Aid in my home! 

Yesterday one child asked to make it and I said yes, (against my better judgement) and when it was ready the child decided he hated it. 

Meanwhile another child decided to help herself and within 5 minutes of the offense brew being made, it was all over the table and floor and my woven grass placemats!! While trying to mop it up, the original child managed to break my brand new mop! This same child broke the old mop just two weeks ago! 

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t handle all this very well. In fact I literally threw the towel and went to bed. But not before throwing away every packet of Kool-aid in my house and banning it forever. 

I also threatened my husband within an inch of his life should he ever buy it again. (I don’t think it sunk in very well because he was laughing at me.) 

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