Just when I thought we were going to be moving to another state, my husband’s company switched gears on us, and offered him a position where he’ll be working from home! Since he’ll be in this position for 5 to 10 years, we decided to put our roots down here in Texas and buy a home! 

We fell in love with a cute little craftsman, put an offer on it and then learned that school in that district started two days later! We thought we had 3 weeks of summer left, but not wanting our kids to move during a school year, we frantically enrolled them and they started with everyone! (You should have seen us at the mall the night before school started! We had one hour to do our back-to-school clothes shopping!) 

Here are some pics of the new house from the listing agent! 

We fell in love with the green space and view in the back yard, the extra details, the white kitchen (I can’t even! Aaahhh!!), and the media room! That’s what sold the kids! (If you know us well, you’ll know what movie bums we are!!) 

Since we still have the rental home for another month, we left it staged and brought half of our things over. We are now living a very temporary lifestyle, with only half of us in our beds!  I travel back and forth every day to do laundry and move our things over! We don’t have any dressers moved yet, and I never knew how much I’d miss dressers to keep clothes in! 

Stay tuned for more projects and pictures as we get settled! 

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