Another chapter to the “Layers” Chair

My sweet mom has always loved this chair, and even wanted to buy it at one point! But since I owe her everything, I decided that she should have it, and wanted to make it a Christmas present for her.

The only problem was how to get it across the 1181 miles separating us!

I’ve heard that other furniture flippers ship their furniture, but when I looked into that, the cost was astronomical.

Then I got the bug to make the drive and go visit for Thanksgiving. I flew my sister out to help since my hubby was traveling, and together we rigged this little system up for moving the chair.

We wrapped it in blankets secured with packing tape. Then covered it with painters plastic sheeting to keep it waterproof. Then we wrapped it with Saran Wrap for extra protection. We cinched it down tight with clamps and rope and were very proud of ourselves.

Not gonna lie, it looked a little white trash.

After three hours of driving however, it looked a lot more white trash.

The wind ripped the plastic to shreds!

We drove 12 hours the first night from Dallas to Denver where my sis-in-law lives. We got in at 3 in the morning, slept for 4 hours, got to give hugs to family, and took off again.

Since we were worried about bad weather on the Vail pass, I opted to drive through Wyoming since the weather just appeared to be rainy.

The chair was fine, but once we hit the rain we decided to stuff the kids in the back and bring the chair inside.

I️t was one jam-packed car with 5 kids, two adults a dog and a chair!

The weather was terrible in Wyoming.

They even closed the freeway down in Lyman!

I️t was a tender mercy, however, when we learned that we had some family in Lyman. They let us crash their home that night and we were so grateful! The next morning we got up and since they were driving to Salt Lake too, we followed them into the valley!

Thankfully, through all of that, the chair survived! Mom was thrilled!

Do you remember how I found layers and layers of fabric and dirt when refinishing this chair? I always wondered if the thick layer of dirt and dust on the bottom layer indicated that it had made a long dusty journey on a wagon crossing the plains of Texas.

Well now this chair has a few more miles on it and more history to its story.

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