The “Well Loved” Project

A kitchen table and chairs are arguably the most interesting and used pieces of furniture in a home. This is where some of the best family bonding can happen. Where young minds create and learn, and where we replenish our bodies with food. Think of the stories a kitchen table could tell! If you’re going to spend a little more money on furniture, this is where you should do it because of how much use these pieces will get.

I recently took on my largest custom project for one of the most darling clients! She wanted her table, and six chairs painted white, as well as new fabric on her bench. They recently moved into a beautiful new home, but the table and chairs clashed with the floor.

Here are the before pics.

As you can see, there was a lot of normal wear and tear on every piece. Scratches, dings, and sadly, some movers had broken the connectors that held the leaf on the table. But that being said, I could tell that this family had taken excellent care of their table. In fact, they loved it, and it had special meaning to them.

And when I crawled under the table to look at the damage, it began to speak to me.

“I love my family,” it said, “and they love me. Please fix me so that I can serve my family again.”

(I’m not kidding when I say that furniture speaks to me… I know it’s weird. I also know that I’m crazy.)

A feeling of sadness came over me, as I felt the pain this table had about being broken. My heart reached out to it and I wanted to help!

“Yes!” I soothed… “I think I can fix you!!”

I brought the furniture home and began by sanding all of the varnish and stain off every piece. I hadn’t told my clients that I would be sanding off the scratches, so I couldn’t wait to show them how new the pieces were looking! I was also able to do the repair on the table.

My client didn’t want any distressing, so we opted to go with spray paint to give it a smooth, modern look. I tried to use my paint sprayer, but couldn’t get the consistencies right, and it made a horrific mess on my garage floor. I got frustrated, and opted to go with some cans of spray paint instead.

Unfortunately, what was planned to take 3 weeks, took 6 weeks since I got pneumonia during the project and had a hard time recovering. The spray paint didn’t help either.  Pneumonia knocked me out and I’m still struggling with respiratory problems. Through it all I learned how harmful paint chemicals can be. More on that to come.

But with help from my hubby, we were able to finish the project and deliver them today. We assembled the pieces at the home, which helped eliminate transportation damage.


I just love how the woodgrain came through on the table top, giving it a refined yet slightly rustic feel. I used a varnish topcoat for a smooth strong finish.

My client was so happy! The furniture looks amazing in her home, and matches her white trim and cupboards perfectly! Seriously, I’m always blown away with what white paint does to furniture! 

For some reason the lighting makes the fabric pull greens in these pictures, but it is actually a gorgeous blue/teal, and goes really well with her decor. 

The orange glow of the chair before really dated the style of the chair.img_8448

A coat of white paint updated and refreshed the look!

I’m calling this the “well loved” table and chairs project. Not because it was overused, but because I could feel how much this family cared for each other and for their table and chairs. It was as if each piece truly loved “serving” it’s owners and I hope it will be happy for years to come!

I really do believe that furniture is humble. That most pieces are designed to serve, and if we show them a little love they can live on happily for generations to come!

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