Dentist Chair Secrets

One of my favorite designer friends asked me to recover 7 chairs for her dentist office makeover!

You might think that office furniture couldn’t tell a story, but hidden under one of these chairs was a sneaky little stowaway that gave me a good laugh.

First, the before:

And the stripped bare picture:

When I removed the seat on this particular chair I couldn’t stop giggling! Can you see that sneaky little piece of green gum?

I can just imagine the patient who left it there while he was prepping for his dentist appointment. Maybe he was late, and he didn’t have time to brush his teeth before his visit. Maybe he didn’t want to be the patient with the horrible breath… so in his mind, gum seemed like a perfectly reasonable choice! Heck, he thinks, I’ll rid myself of this afternoon’s salad particles and my onion breath in one shot!

He checks in for the appointment, fills out the paperwork, and settles in for the inevitable waiting room game, when suddenly he remembers his gum.

He looks around for the trash can, but can’t see one anywhere!

What kind-of waiting room doesn’t have a trash can?

In agony he wonders how to rid himself of the gum! Any second now, the attractive hygienist will call his name, and his every oral action will be scrutinized mercilessly! Even worse, he could face an awkward moment of spitting out the soggy mass in front of the bicuspid beauty!

He makes a quick decision and places the gum underneath the chair. After all, no one will ever know, right?


So, I just have to say thanks to the soul who gave me that giggle… but in all seriousness… please don’t put gum underneath chairs!

Tip: Coconut oil will safely remove gum from chairs, clothing and even hair!!

What funny places have you found gum lurking and hiding?

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