Powder Bath Refresh


One decorating trend here in the great state of Texas, is to paint your bathroom orange. Don’t ask my why, but it’s kind of disturbing just how many orange baths I come across… it really is a thing here!!

My powder bath was going true Texan, complete with a rust colored ceiling, and walls that made everything from the toilet to my skin, look a shocking shade of apricot!

Now, I don’t mind orange in my juice, but I can’t handle it in my bathroom.

So I spent the week painting.

This is Anew Gray by Sherwin-Williams.


It’s amazing what color can do. Before it was a dark cave of bold, glowing citrus! And now it’s a peaceful, calm place to get down to business!

I found the Texas road sign at a flea market, and shopped my house for the rest of the decor.

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