Wood Bead Wreath DIY

Wood bead wreaths are so simple and easy to make, and you will love how they turn out!


20 – 2.5” Half-Wood beads (I found mine on Etsy – link here)

1 – 16” Wood Wreath Form

Artificial Flowers

Hot Glue Gun and Glue (for flowers)

Wood Glue (Elmers Probond Advance will hold through outdoor heat.)


Glue 20 beads to the wreath form, and leave a gap for the flowers. The Probond Advance takes a little longer to dry but the hold is SOLID! I even accidentally hung my wreath on a weak command hook, and came home to find the wreath form had broken. I used the profound to glue it back together, and it has held up beautifully!

Layer artificial leaves then flowers using hot glue gun. 

Optional: add felt furniture protectors to the back so it won’t scratch the door.

Another option is to purchase a premade wood bead wreath from Hobby Lobby and glue flowers to the front!

Be generous with the hot glue, I used a ton all over the back to make sure they hold!


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