A Little About Me

I’ve heard it said that a well made piece of furniture, if taken care of, can outlive it’s owners! Just think of the many stories a piece could tell, as it travels from owner to owner!

Take a chair for example: The chair is strong, and silent. We take the chair for granted as we use it for work, school, meals, chatting with friends, teaching our children, negotiating business deals, or relaxing and resting. It never complains, and bears it’s load patiently! The chair is humble in that it lives to serve, yet strong and confident in its abilities to fulfill its purpose.
I’m a self-diagnosed furniture addict, and get my highs from taking an old, un-loved piece and giving it new life. I build things, craft, decorate spaces, and refinish furniture. I often incorporate flea-market, yard sale and thrift stores finds into my decor to create unique, chic conversation pieces. I don’t look at things as they are, but as how they could be!

My family of 7 puts up with my crazy design habits, and lets me rearrange the furniture and decor with only a few interventions. I love being a mom and wife!

My business, The Humble Chair, is all about helping my clients love their “Humble” furniture again through refinishing, decorating and/or locating unique pieces!

Furniture refinishing is a quiet, time consuming job, and allows a lot of time for thinking. I often find analogies about life while I’m working on a piece, and sometimes share them here.

All pics are my original photos of my home and/or projects I’m working on! Thanks for stopping by!

Contact me at jodilybbert (at) yahoo.com for collaborations!