Master Bedroom Sneak Peek

If any of you are part of the 30-day Winter Cleaning Challenge group on Facebook, you’ll know we’ve been busy organizing and deep cleaning our homes. 

Last week I worked so hard on my master bedroom that I just had to share a few pics! 

I found our bed on Craigslist and refinished it. (See earlier post.) The lamps are also a Craigslist find. We bought the nightstands and bench 16 years ago after purchasing our first home. The curtains are from IKEA. The wall medallion is from At Home. The bedding is an assortment from Pottery Barn, Bed Bath and Beyond and Target. 

I love old windows! I found this one for $10 at a flea market in McKinney. The candlestick was found at a consignment store, and I’ve had the glass vase forever. The boxwood greenery was a gift from my sweet friend B. Miss her to death!! 

It cracks me up that we have a giant TV in our bedroom… but it is what it is. I’ve tried to decorate around it with these yard sale find candlesticks and flea market find greenery. 

About 4 years ago we realized that we needed more bedroom storage. I scanned Craigslist for   5 months until I found the matching dresser to our bedroom set! It came with a mirror that attaches to the dresser… but why put the mirror up, when the TV shows so much more?  

You can also see the corner of my walnut wood jewelry cabinet. It was a sweet surprise gift from my hubby 3 years ago and I love it. But I think he was hoping that eventually I’d agree to dark furniture in our bedroom, and that we’d be replacing all the furniture soon. That began our ongoing Bedroom Furniture Banter. I’d like to paint everything white, and he’d like to buy all new dark wood furniture! We haven’t found a happy compromise yet but we’ll get there!

Thanks for taking a sneak peak at my bedroom today!! 

Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

My front door burlap wreath turned yellow! Not sure how it happened, because it didn’t sun fade into a nice taupe, it went all harvest gold on me!
So it was time for a new wreath! 

Laura Anne’s is a vintage boutique in Canton, TX that has stolen my heart. If I could live there I would! Last year I fell in love with this ribbon that she sells for $24/roll. 

The thrifty girl in me, decided to wait and try to find it somewhere else. 

I never did.  It’s manufactured by d. stevens and they only sell to wholesalers. 

So I waited and dreamed about it… and imagine my excitement when it went on sale for $12?! 

Some of you were there with me when I did my little happy dance!! 

After a few months of trying to decide what to do with the ribbon, I settled on a wreath. 

I love how vintage, shabby and old it looks!! 

Here’s how I made this simple wreath:


1. Wired form wreath. (I used an 18″ form, but any size will work!) 

2. Ribbon

3. Any embellishments you want to add! 

My ribbon was 4″ wide and 15′ long. You’ll want at least that amount depending how full you want the wreath to look. 

You can play around with wired vs. non-wired ribbon to get different looks. Mine was wired and it helped make the poofs stand out and stay out. 

Start by unrolling all the ribbon. 

Find the middle of the ribbon and start weaving it through the form wires.

Pull it all the way through to the middle of the ribbon. It’s easier if you work through the wreath in halves to minimize wear and tear on the ribbon.

Leaving the ribbon loose or pulled out in sections allows you to create a little poof. Lots of poofs next to each other creates the look we’re going for. 

Continue weaving back and forth through the wires creating lots of poofs, and work your way through the wreath form. 

This is where you can be creative and make your poofs as big or small as you want. Occasionally pull the weaved ribbon closer together to decide how full or sparse you want it to be. 

If you run out of ribbon (like I did) you can either add more, or go back and make your poofs smaller weaving and adjusting the ribbon through the form.

When you come to the end of the ribbon, tuck the end into one of the poofs. 

Now you can go through and adjust averything to make sure the wire form isn’t showing. 

Next you can add embellishments

I found a wooden letter at a flea market and used some burlap ribbon to hang it from the wire form. Easy! 

Seriously, anyone can make one of these! It’s so easy and can be made with ribbon, burlap strips or any old vintage fabric! You can dress it up with flowers greenery, bows or whatever your creative self wanted! 

I’m leaving mine simple like this for now to show off my new favorite ribbon.

Let me know if you try it and if this tutorial helps! 

Weekend Design Trip

Last month I got to take a little time off from my full-time mom job, to travel to meet with designers and business owners. The design world has so many facets, and I’m still trying to figure out where I want to take my business. My hubby was amazing and sent me off to learn on a kid-free trip.

First I headed up to Utah to see my mom on her birthday. Can I just say how wonderful my mom is? I’m always trying to capture a little speck of her kindness, and I’m so lucky to be her friend! We celebrated her birthday with a trip to the temple, puzzles, and parties! We played around with some of her decor as well and put together this vignette over her piano:


Since I only had one day in Utah, we packed it full!  We visited with boutique owners, bloggers and interior designers. I asked loads of questions, and my mind is full of information!

We also squeezed in a trip to a thrift store where I located some furniture for my mom and some chairs for my sister! Check out this table I found for their grouping by the fire:


They needed a table to put books, plates and items on while they relax in one of their favorite spots! I found this little $15 gem at the thrift store, and fell in love with it’s clean lines and the castors on the legs.

Don’t you love my mom’s eclectic, shabby, neutral style? By combining industrial, vintage and even mid-century, she’s created comfortable spaces filled with pieces she loves, and it all works to create a soothing, relaxing home!

This is where I get to stay when I visit! So cozy!


The next morning I caught a 6am flight and headed to Phoenix. A good friend picked me up and we went for a hike. It’s been ages since I’ve been anywhere “elevated”, so I was thrilled to get to do a real hike to Squaw Peak in Phoenix. Check out the view! I’m so inspired by this color scheme!


In Phoenix I met with friends, spoke with 3 interior designers and spent hours discussing business strategies with an old college friend who owned a staging business.

By the end of my trip, I was mentally exhausted! There was so much information bouncing around in my head, and with all the late nights, hiking, and running around, I was dead tired!

I was also crazy homesick for my own family! I’m sorry if I was in your town, and didn’t get to visit with you! I’ll be honest… I was a wreck! When I get tired, I cry like a baby! It’s not pretty. The hours before my flight found me sitting in a parking lot bawling my eyes out! So tired! I’m laughing about it now… but at the time, I just wanted to be home.

To make matters worse, my flight kept getting delayed… and then finally got cancelled, and the small airline I was flying wouldn’t do anything to help me out. I had to scramble to find a different flight on a different airline… get a hotel room by the airport… shuttles back and forth… rental car… more crying… spending more money on the flight home than all my previous flights put together… sigh…

But I finally made it home, and by that time, I was so thrilled to see my family! It felt as if I’d been gone for months… not days!

All things considered, this design trip was good. I was able to take a few moments for deep introspection, and difficult growth. I’m still not sure how to put it all together and create a business… but I’m working on it, and feel a few steps closer.



Toilet paper storage

I totally stole this idea from my incredible sister-in-law, McKinsie! (If I could steal all her ideas, I would!!) 

I’ve been searching for ages for a cabinet to hide the toilet paper in, but everything I tried was too bulky for the small space.

Then I saw the idea to put TP in a basket when I was at McKinsie’s and fell in love!

I found my wire basket at Hobby Lobby and filled her up with a giant Costco size pack of TP!

Since the basket is low, it doesn’t overcrowd the room, and it’s an easy way for me to see when we’re running low! 

Love me an easy solution to a tricky problem! 

Pillows make a difference!

I’ve been trying to update my piano room/living room lately. It’s a slow work in progress but I wanted to share how I updated the pillows on the sofa.

We’ve had these couches for 15 years, and they’ve held up well, but I’ve never thought they were comfortable enough. Changing the pillows was my last resort before I tossed them out. 


I’m wondering if all the little throw pillows were preventing us from using the couch. Also, it just wasn’t comfortable! The back cushions smash down, and you’re constantly having to adjust when you sit there. Really, I was ready to sell the couches. 

But first I tried this:

All of these pillows are from Target.

But my hubby didn’t like the big white pillows. I argued that we needed white on the couch… because… well,  you know how I feel about white… 

So we tried this:

We kept just the large blue striped pillows and used IKEA pillow covers to recover the old  sea-foam green pillows! 


Hightening the back pillows, made the couch more comfortable! 

Suddenly this space is getting used, and I keep finding my kids gravitating to this spot…  This is also where I’m  currently sitting and writing this post.  Pillows really do make a difference! 

Sugar Mold Decor – IKEA Hack

Don’t you love IKEA’s greenery?  The little plants are fairly inexpensive, look surprisingly real, and add a happy pop of color to any space! I love decorating with them! 

Today I’m sharing how I used IKEA greenery to decorate a sugar mold! 

I found this sugar mold in Canton for $12 and loved that it was painted blue! 

I’ve seen people put flowers, crayons, moss and even plastic utensils in their sugar molds.

For my project I took one of my favorite $3.99 IKEA plants and cut off the base.

Then I realized I didn’t need to cut the base off, and could just pull off the little clusters! Haha! Sometimes I overthink things!! 

I clumped together about 8-9 clusters.

Then I placed the clusters into IKEA’s votive candle holders. You can get 4 votive holders for $.99! 

Then I placed them into the sugar mold!

The holes in my sugar mold were drilled with a flat base, but if your sugar mold has a cone shaped holes, you could just put some sand or pebbles in the cones to hold the glass level. 

The entire project including the sugar mold was about $18. 

I’ve placed it here under my wall-mounted TV.  But I’ve also enjoyed it on the kitchen table and my bedroom dresser! It adds fun, fresh color to every room, and the best part is that since it’s fake, I don’t have to worry about killing it! 

Goodbye to Christmas 

Anyone else feeling the Christmas blues? The let-down that it’s over, the chaotic messy house, and the “when do I take it all down” dilemma. When is it ok to say goodbye to Christmas? 
I’m stuck in between wanting to take my decor down and wanting to leave the tree up until March! (I have this vision of hanging hearts on the on it.)

So before I say goodbye to Christmas, here is a final tour of my home all decked out in holiday style. 

Gallery Wall

I wanted to frame around our TV and fill up some of the dead space so the wall-hung TV looked like it belonged in a gallery. 

My hubby, again, thought I was crazy. But he soon caught my vision and it was fun to have his help hanging and placing things! 

Here is the before: 


And here is the after! 

My amazing friend painted the letters on the sign for me!

(By the way, can I just tell you how inspired I get by the Columbia Inn in White Christmas?!)

The clock and “&” are from Hobby Lobby, the doorknob and plant are flea market finds, and I made the Merry Christmas blocks and painted the cabinet! 

The great and also tricky thing about gallery walls is that they don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical. I still look at it and wonder if something should be lowered or raised… or if it needs more by the clock… but my hubby likes it, so I’ll leave it for now. 

What do you think?

Christmas Decor

I added a few more touches to the mantle decor for my client and wanted to show you how it came out! 

My client’s family loves to read and they have a book box that gets constant use! (Totally going to copy this idea by the way!) 

The stain on the box just didn’t match the rest of her decor so I gave it a facelift! 

I sanded it down, and did a whitewash on the outside. I was worried that the paint may stick to the books if I used it on the inside of the box, so instead I stained the wood a nice grey. I also “washed” the grey stain over the paint on the outside of the box to distress it a little. It was a really quick, simple project. 

I found the star years ago at Home Goods. It was black and I forgot to take a picture before I spray painted it. Doesn’t it look amazing in white? Funny story: I bought the star when we lived in Vegas, and later, I hung it on the outside of our home in Colorado. For some reason, people would ask if we were from Texas because we had a star on the outside of our home! Back then I never dreamed that one day, I would actually live in Texas! 

Ok, back to the mantle: I found the metal tree at a flea market. It was getting lost on her stone fireplace, so I sprayed that white as well! 

I found the white trees and spray at one of my favorite decor stores. The “peace” letters are actually stocking holders that my client had in her decor!  I just love how the little touches of white pop and brighten up the mantle while still feeling fresh and rustic! 

I was so lucky to get to decorate this little corner! 

Thanksgiving Table Decor

I get really excited about setting the table! I’m not good at cooking the food, but I’ll spend hours thinking about and finding the perfect table linens, dishes and decor! 

For Thanksgiving I wanted a clean white and natural look. These wicker placemats and linens were a showstopper at World Market! I had to go to two different stores to buy enough, but grabbed a friend and giggled while we late-night shopped! 

I found these pumpkins for 80% off at Hobby Lobby. (Savings tip: Stores try to clear out their fall decor before Thanksgiving to get ready for Black Friday. Watch for big discounts during the 2nd and 3rd week of November!) These pumpkins were orange, but look how they brightened up with some spray paint! I paid $.60 a piece for them! Score!

The centerpiece and flowers were found at one of my favorite boutiques at the trade days in Canton.

I think we’ll opt for paper napkins when the big meal happens… but we’ve left the table like this for a few days now, and have all enjoyed anticipating our Thanksgiving feast! 

Hope your holiday is filled with plenty of food, fun and joy!